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Don’t let the name fool you – we have a LARGE selection of NEW A/C components available in house; compressors, clutch assemblies, accumulators, driers, expansion valves, orifice tubes, liquid lines, evaporators, condensers, oil, seals, freon, and any tool you should need to get the job done! Rebuilt compressors are offered for an inexpensive repair. A compressor reseal can fix a leaky compressor without having to do a full rebuild. Hose and condenser repairs are offered for leaking components at a lower price than a new component.

Repair A/C hose in Hours not days!

Old vs. new hose

We offer repair of hydraulic hoses

We are excited to now offer repair of hydraulic hoses. We recommend inspecting your hoses at least every week and replacing them as preventative maintenance every 2 years. Hydraulic hose leaks can be dangerous as well as costing you valuable time operating your equipment.

Note: We do not rebuild cylinders.

Client Testimonials

“Excellent service! They had my obscure bus compressor in stock, which they identified for me and saved the weekend! Definitely recommend them. Austin Rebuilders are the best!”
Daniel m.
“This is the place to go for a/c parts - the prices are reasonable, service is courteous, and there's no much they can't either repair or replace.”
Mark H.
“Took a broken ac line in from my old suburban that I couldn't find new or used anywhere; they had it fixed up in a day, ac working again. Life savers!”
Tony D.

Pick-Up As Well As Drop Shipping Options Are Available

Services We Provide

We Specialize in Crimping All Hoses. We can rebuild old hose assemblies with new fittings, new rubber, hydraulic crimps, valve cores, and o-rings. 

  • A/C Hose Repair
  • Hydraulic Hose Repair and Fittings
  • Brake Lines
  • Battery Cables
  • Air Hose
  • Pressure Washer Hoses